miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

Match Review Russia - Poland 1:1

Less than an hour of play time passed before Russia returned its usual status of "strong and dangerous middling" instead of "tournament's favourite" status, which the national team got after defeating Czech Republic national team.
In the first minutes, Russians gave up initiative to Poles - the latter ones attacked actively and with great forces. Tournament's hosts were extremely dangerous during set pieces. However, the first 'high wave' of Polish attacks gradually vanished - the same as in the match against Greeks - and Russians 'returned' on the field. They became more and more confident with every next minute, and Poles seemed to have some psychological problems. On the 37th minute, Andrei Arshavin and Euro-2012 windfall Alan Dzagoev used the situation: the former one made a cross from a free kick and the latter one headed the ball... Teams went for a break with 0:1 score.
Although the victory in this match would guarantee Russians making playoff qualifications (and probably even from the first place), in the second half, we didn't see in their actions any desire to keep even this minimal advantage. It is said that players, who didn't score or assist, 'moved a lot and effective'. In this case, Russia national team moved a lot and ineffective. As a result, all potentially dangerous moments weren't used.
Meanwhile, Poles equalized the score level - on the 57th minute, Poles' fast counterattack ended with Jakub Błaszczykowski's spectacular breakthrough virtually across penalty area's center and his powerful and accurate kick - 1:1.

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