domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

Big Ego Causes of Poor Performance of Netherlands Team

Netherlands winger Arjen Robben to assess the negative results achieved by his team at Euro 2012 as a result of the magnitude of the player egos in the locker room. Arjen RobbenThe Orange has not won a single point after passing her qualifying Group B and the party must win the last game of counter Portugal, hoping the Germans arrested Denmark to get through to the quarter-finals. This confirms the player 28 years of togetherness is the key to success, for it he called for the Oranje to get rid of personal ego for the sake of giving a ticket to the  eight Round.
“It’s very difficult for us in this group, because there are a lot of big egos on the team. After the World Cup they may be larger. This makes it difficult, Robben said the KNVB’s official website.
“If you want to achieve something together, you have to pull off the ego. You have to fight as a team to achieve power. It can not come by itself.”
“I assume that Germany will win. Many people say so. Now it is important for us to get rid of negatf mind and fight to the last chance,” added the former Real Madrid player.
A number of news launch team in the locker room atmosphere heats up, with Rafael van der Vaart claims are not satisfied with the decision Bert van Marwijk who made ​​a substitute in the tournament. Robben insists, such problems should be avoided for the good of the team.
“When you are knocked out of the starting XI, you should be angry. That’s normal, you can talk privately with the coach.”
“But, when the game starts, you have to fight with the team. When there are players who do not have passion, it’s annoying. You must accept this or go home,” said Bayern Munich winger.

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