domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

Germany vs Denmark Live Stream Euro 2012 Highlights -17 June 2012

Denmark vs Germany Live Stream Euro 2012 -17 June 2012
Denmark will play their match against Germany this week it is going to to be the toughest match for the Germany they were looking to catch the Euro 2012 spot for the Quarter Finals. Germany were having a great game against the team of the Netherlands last time and they were ready to win the match.

Mario Gomez is looking to get to get more goals on the sheet . Germany have already qualified for the Euro 2012 and they have 6 points and they were looking most strongest team and they may win the 3rd match.Germany got a strong team squad and they have shown good performance in the past matches and hopefull to lead the group with most points.

Denmark only qualified if they beat Germany and Netherlands defeat Portugal in the match because Denmark and Portugal both have 3 points and win is every thing for the both sides . Watch this match live online here, when the team of the Denmark will face the team of Germany .

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