miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

Match Review Czech Republic - Greece 2:1

Well, it's too early to write off the Czech Republic national team - true, as many Czech footballers have told, the devastating defeat from Russians is now perceived as annoying misunderstanding.
On the third minute already, the Czech national team's and Shakhtar Donetsk's defender Hübschman cut off the Greek defence with a powerful cross from the midfield and put Petr Jiráček through to the penalty area. Everything happened with lightning speed and the Czech had no problem overplaying 'white-and-blue' goalkeeper - 0:1.
After three more minutes, Tomáš Rosický made a similar cross. The team's veteran also cut off half of Greek defence and put Selassie, who speeded from the right wing, through. The latter one made a low cross from goal line into penalty area's center, and Václav Pilař overplayed two defenders and sent the ball into empty goal.
Over the next 84 minutes the Greeks showed their nerve - never giving up and looking for an opportunity to score Petr Čech's goal. It resulted, however, just in one goal. On the 53d minute, Theofanis Gekas took advantage of confusion at the Czech goal and overturned one goal. And that was all what Greeks managed to do.

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