jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

Andrea Pirlo : Croatia Goal shouldn’t Happen

Italy vs Croatia
Andrea Pirlo failed to see Italy win against Croatia in the second match of Group C Euro 2012.
Goal of his right foot, through the free kick, managed to reply through Mario Mandzukic kicks hard kick in the second round.
For Pirlo, Italy should not relax the attack level to be able to maintain their lead until the end of the game.
“We could have finished the game with another goal in the first half, then played too survive after the break and it is very unfortunate Croatia equalized,” Pirlo said on Friday (15/6).
“Today the team is playing well and we’ll see how it Monday. Goal is everything in football and hopefully we can get more chances in front of goal.”
“We want to grow and develop. We are playing to the back after the break, which is normal because Croatia played pressing for an equalizer. We should be better.”
“This game should be a game we won, but there is no r

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