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England - Ukraine 1:0

When, after the game, Ukrainian reporter approached Blokhin with a suggestion that "it seemed to be an evenly balanced game today...", the legend of Ukrainian football broke into indignation! And not without a reason, at that. In this match Ukraine really overplayed England in many characteristics (from time of ball control to passes' quality). And Ukraine really played it best match not only on Euro-2012, but probably in the last year. However, England got round tournament's hosts in one characteristic - the number of scored goals. The first scored once, and the second didn't at all.
Ukraine national team started the match without its captain and leader - Andriy Shevchenko. England national team, on the other hand, started the match with a 'gain' - Wayne Rooney returned to the team after disqualification. However, this proportion of 'gain-loss' wasn't reflected on the match's first minutes. Ukrainians, who knew that they have to win this match and were supported by Donbas Arena tribunes, attacked Joe Hart's goal with powerful forces. And it didn't look like a storm or a desperate spurt with all forces... On the contrary, Ukrainians looked very deserving and imposing - much above the level, allocated to them by statisticians, bookmakers and so on.
But the class is the class. And even being pinned to its penalty ground, England national team didn't lose self control, and therefore managed to tie 'blue-and-yellow' attacking group hand and foot. The latter ones were left only with traditional in this situation 'weapons': far kicks and set pieces' realizations. Ukrainians tried in this way and that, but the ball didn't fly in net!
After the first half, it looked like Ukrainians will press Englishmen out in the second half. But with game renewal, Ukrainians got an unpleasant surprise...
On the 48th minute, Gerrard crossed the ball from the right wing past Ukrainian defenders and goalkeeper (under his arm!) at near post, and the ball sneaked to the other side of the goal. There was no one, but Wayne Rooney, who headed the goal.
The goal shocked Ukrainians. However, with every next minute both, fans and players realized that it shouldn't be an obstacle: there were still 40 minutes of play ahead, and feet that had been terrorizing Englishmen during the first half were still in place...
And Ukrainians managed to bring score level pretty fast. Wait... no, the referee decided differently. Marko Dević, Ukraine national team's 'legionary' hit Englishmen's goal, when Joe Hart had already finished defending his goal. The last boundary on ball's way was John Terry. The defender kicked the ball out of his goal... when it already crossed the goal line, though. The tribunes saw this and the video repeat confirmed this. But, both additional goal linesmen, put by the UEFA, saw nothing. Nothing! The game continued with 1:0 score.
Ukrainians weren't broken by conceded goal, but 'taken away' goal definitely distressed them. The 'blue-and-yellow' continued insistent attacks, but they were driven not with ardor and spirit, but with anger and desire to reestablish justice. However, no one managed to score. Not even Andriy Shevchenko who came to work a miracle.
1:0 - and the second Euro-2012 host exits the tournament.
we'll see how if others teams euro 2012 draw  or who  2012 euro qualifying

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