jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

Alan Dzagoev: Czech Republic Fans Make Us Depressed

Alan Dzagoev, Russia Euro 2012
“The number of  Czech Republic fans at Miejski Stadium, make’s Russia depressed” . Russian midfielder Alan Dzagoev said.
But Dzagoev very grateful that Russia finally able to secure early action Euro 2012 qualifying Group A’s. It’s a tremendous experience for him amid the noisy Czech fans who tried to impose their mental.
“Fantastic Czech fans. They made us very depressed and nervous. But thanks to the teamwork we finally get through it and win this match,” said Dzagoev.
Now Russia can breathe more calmly. Successfully securing their first match. According to this Dzagoev will be a very positive capital for the next game to face Poland.
Dzagoev also added that the deal with Poland on Wednesday will be much more dire. Polish fans would have more if compared to the Czech fans.
“It’s always tough to play at home against. We will have more pressure when you meet Poland. But we should be able to handle it like today kamii overcome the Czech fans,” said 21-year player.

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