miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

Danny Wellbeck will become Euro 2012 Superstar

Danny Wellbeck
Danny Welbeck has considered all the requirements to become a superstar in the Euro 2012.
Many people who berprediksi, Euro 2012 will spawn new stars in the realm of European football. But Steve Bruce has only one name that will be judged skyrocketed throughout the four-yearly event, he was Danny Welbeck.
According to Hull the new coach, Welbeck, who had borrowed when in Sunderland, will create a huge buzz to seize the eyes of football lovers around the world.
“This could be a great tournament for him,” said Bruce, as quoted Tribalfootball.
“The pressure in this competition was great, but he has the mental strength to win it,” said Bruce.
“Shortly after signing him, we faced Chelsea and won 3-0, Danny scored a great goal. Nothing could disturb him,” said the coach.

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